ADHD is related to ADD, but different. Let’s set out the difference below:

ADHD includes the symptom of physical hyperactivity or excessive restlessness–that’s the “H”. In ADD (or what is called in the diagnostic manual, ADHD, inattentive subtype), the symptom of hyperactivity is absent. Indeed, people with ADD can be calm and serene, not in the least hyperactive or disruptive.

So basically the difference in the “H” of Hyperactivity.

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ADHD Treatment

Do you know you ADHD or you think you have ADHD. Some people may think they have it, but after a doctor visit sometimes it appears there are other issues so if you are not sure, always visit a doctor.

If you already have been diagnosed with ADHD and you know which ADHD treatment you want and need, then online shopping for ADHD medications can save you a lot of money – for this you need an online drugstore / online pharmacy which are also known as mail order pharmacy. On top of that it can save you time and also you can forget about the strange faces at your local pharmacy about your ADHD medicines… you will shop online in full privacy.

There are different ADHD treatments available and the one which works for you, might not work for others. So a doctor’s advice is very handy or you can simple try it by trial and error to find out which medicine gives your the best ADHD treatment. Generally speaking the following ADHD drugs are very popular and proven to be effective:
– Strattera or Generic Strattera
– Atomoxetine ( a generic version of Strattera )
– Adderall ( a popular ADHD drug )
– Mentat ( herbal medicine from Himalaya )
– Brahmi ( also a herbal med from Himalaya )

ADHD Medications
ADHD Medications

ADHD Medications

ADHD or ADD can be uncomfortable in daily life and therefore pharmaceutical companies came up with various ADHD Medications as well as Supplements to treat ADHD. Read here about the definition of ADHD.

ADHD Medications:
1. Strattera or Generic Strattera
2. Atomoxetine
3. Mentat
4. Brahmi
5. Adderall

The below medications are the most popular meds for ADHD treatment, but of course there are more. If you are interested in more medications online than we would recommend an online pharmacy which is in business for many years ( Pharmacy XL / XL pharmacy )